Hightech Humanity (H2)

The Eye of Awareness (EoA) project is our pathway to develop an innovative Hightech Humanitarian (H2) digital platform that allows people to create digital experiences from their perspectives to share with other cultural groups. This currently includes but is not limited to the following use cases:

  • Entering into a new culture 
  • Cultural Micro Agressions
  • Unconscious Cultural Bias

We have partnered with an expert firm in Germany to create our development platform and we are also exploring solutions from Meta. The EoA project is looking for Hightech Humanitarians to help accelerate the completion of the platform. Please contact us if you are interested. The EoA project also includes a Blockchain working group focused on cross cultural Non Fungible Tokens (NFT)s. This working area focuses on free NFT airdrops focused on cross cultural unity, reconciliation, and celebrations of diversity. If you would like us to support the development and deployment of your free cross cultural NFT project please contact us.

Management of Projects

We manage all of our projects in a three phase approach. The first phase is foundation where we test if our idea works on a small scale, the second phase is scale where we position ourselves to extend the solution to a broader audience, and the final phase is maintain which is where we adjust the working solution to maintain our desired outcome.

We are advocates for Hightech Humanity (H2) which, by our definition, is the use of modern digital tools for the greater good. In our case we are applying blockchain, various forms of X reality platforms, and general digital solutions to advocate for a  #DeEscalationMindset.  Our timeline for the Eye of Awareness project is to establish the foundation in 2021, scale in 2022, and to enter the maintain phase from 2023 forward. This project is meant to provide a cutting edge platform that using Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) to create an authentic cultural immersion experience.

Eye of Awareness

Digital Platform


Augmented Reality

Mobile applications that bring the impact of social conflict and social triggers to the metaverse


Virtual Reality

Full immersive experiences to help bring empathy and hopefully reduce social conflicts and triggers. 



Non Fungible Tokens, communities, and games in the D2 Open Sea collection designed to reduce social conflict.