Hightech Humanity (H2)


What Is The 3 Million Mind Movement?

Join and help build our community of Hightech Humanitarians to help reduce the recycling of social tension, give a digital voice to under represented groups, and create bridges into hightech communities for at risk youth . With the 3 Million Mind Movement (3M3), we plan to activate at least 3 million Hightech Humanitarians this year to support 3M3. There are currently 3 ways to join the 3M3.

Join via Instagram

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We will reach out to members of the 3 Million Mind Movement in each region to highlight the projects they are working on as Hightech Humanitarians and we are looking for emerging influencers to help meet our goal of 3 Million Hightech Humanitarians before the end of 2022.


A Hightech Humanitarian believes in the use of logic and intelligence to strengthen the world and reduce social conflict


A Hightech Humanitarian believes that all human beings matter, we are all connected, and that we should all work together to ensure that no group is treated poorly


A Hightech Humanitarian strongly believes that “Unity is Strength and Division is Weakness” and that we all, as the human race, should focus on social harmony, equality, and justice for everyone in the world

Project Goal

The goal of our project is to “activate” 3 million Hightech Humanitarians (H2) before the end of 2022 to help establish our JHotspot for Humanity (HfH) locations tracked on the 3 Million Mind Movement website.

Phase Management

We manage all of our projects in a three phase approach. The first phase is foundation where we test if our idea works on a small scale, the second phase is scale where we position ourselves to extend the solution to a broader audience, and the final phase is maintain which is where we adjust the working solution to maintain our desired outcome.

Our timeline for the 3 Million Mind Movement is to establish the foundation in 2021, scale in 2022, and to enter the maintain phase from 2023 forward. This project is scaling our mission by establishing 3 million Hightech Humanitarians (H2) within the European Union. This team will help with our Hotspot for Humanity (HfH) mission to combat the rise of social tension and to give a digital voice to the people that need it the most.